Ian Bwana

Ian is a seasoned software developer with a penchant for innovation in distributed systems, mobile applications, web applications, and application security


Ian is instrumental at Route as a senior engineer with a diverse skill set covering distributed systems, mobile and web applications, and application security. His past experience at Sky Garden and his role in developing intricate offer systems uniquely positions him to contribute to Route's success. Ian's technical expertise is essential in driving the company's innovation and ensuring its technology meets the highest standards.

Background & Experience

He honed his expertise during his tenure at Sky Garden, a company renowned for its cutting-edge work in e-commerce. His time at Sky Garden has equipped him with a deep understanding of the intricacies of cash back offer systems, setting the stage for his groundbreaking work with Route.

Ian is the driving force behind Route, a startup poised to revolutionize the way eateries maximize revenue through walk-in customers and creators. His passion for technology and keen insight into market dynamics have culminated in a visionary platform that bridges the gap between food enthusiasts, creators, and local businesses.