Emmanuel Miriti

Emmanuel is a Forward-thinking Techprenuer specializing in the design, development, and scaling of technology-enabled platforms with a special interest in the field of B2C marketplaces. Hw has founded three marketplace startups, including a successful exit with Cloud 9 Experiences.


Emmanuel plays a pivotal role at Route as the Founder and CEO. With over a decade of experience in building and scaling B2C marketplaces, including a successful exit with Cloud 9 Experiences, he leads the company's strategic vision and drives innovation. His expertise in operations and marketplace architecture guides Route's mission to empower eateries and creators, shaping the future of dining and local businesses.

Background & Experience

Emmanuel's impressive track record includes the successful creation and scaling of not one, not two, but three remarkable marketplace startups. His illustrious journey includes TEKSI, a groundbreaking taxi-hailing application in 2012 that was sold to a local company. His visionary leadership ultimately led to a successful exit with Cloud 9 Experiences, solidifying his status as a startup luminary.

What sets Emmanuel apart is his innate ability to conceive, design, develop, and scale B2C marketplaces. His experience is the cornerstone of Route, where he serves as the Founder and CEO.

At Route, Emmanuel has set his sights on revolutionizing the market once again. With his deep industry knowledge and a relentless passion for innovation, he's leading Route to empower eateries, creators, and consumers alike.