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From payments and everything in between, unlock amazing features that make it easier to get more from your money every day. 

Join the thousands of people who manage all things money from one app. Open a free account in minutes today.

Easily Pay & get paid 
Using $Routags

Send & Request Money

 Request, send money, donate to a worthy cause, tip, or pay bills all in one app simply use your $Routag , and tell friends to “Route me!”
0.5% transaction 

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Share your $Routags easy social payments
Choose your unique $Routag and collect money from friends, family or anyone else, privately and securely. No personal credentials  needed

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from our partners

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Rediscover eateries, pubs and shopping centres and get rewarded with instant cashback. Pay using Route to enjoy these exclusive rewards. We’ll fix you up with cashback on brands you’ll love. 

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Request Money
Easily request money from friends and family from one single click of button. 
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Send Money
Send money to friends and family without sharing your credentials simply use your $routag.
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Split Bill
Easily split bill with friends while at an eatery or night club no more awkward conversations. 
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Send To Many
Easily send money to a group of people from a single click of a button and save the group. 
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Send To Bank
Swiftly move money from the Route account to any bank of your choice using Pesalink.
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Scan Receipts
Record all your transactions by simply scanning physical receipts as proof of paymnet. 

Cards that match
your style

There’s room for a select few
at the Route Randezvous

From breakfast panels, mixers to festivals. Route curates memorable experiences and gives you exclusive access to different venues throughout our network to make sure you spend most time with like minded individuals. Check our calendar year.   

May 7th
Carnivore Grounds 
August 20th
Content Creator Mixer 
Secret Garden
6th Sep
Wine Tour

Morendat Farm
20th Sep 
E-sport Tournament

The Winning Post 
20th Sep

December 31st
Content Creator Mixer 
Secret Garden

Let’s make the most of the last 
half of 2022


Securing your personal information and transaction details and consistently keeping these confidential is our utmost priority. We take stringent and appropriate measures to protect the security of your personal information and prevent unauthorized access to such information. Route continuously monitors developments in information security and we therefore update our processes and infrastructure to ensure consistency with best-in-class industry practices.

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